Hello, Randommixer here, the admin of the Loonatics Unleashed Wikia who often feels at times his title is in-name-only.

Loonatics unleashed art work by loonaticsSpygirl

Admittedly, I’ve been away from the Wiki for almost half a year now. It’s been many months since I’ve signed in or checked the site at all. That is regrettable, but I’ve had college to focus on recently.

Over the next week or so, I’ll be checking the Wiki to see what has changed and been added. There is also the issue of vandalism to take care of, wherever possible, and cleaning up things that need to be cleaned up.

All of this is to say, hopefully I can clean up and start enforcing the Wiki rules soon, some of which I’ve seen have already been broken. For that reason, I am disabling Wiki contributors (now A Fandom User) from editing pages. Users will be required to sign in or create an account to edit the Wiki. You can no longer edit anonymously. 

That’s it for now. Happy editing!