Hello all, I am Randommixer. I recently joined this wiki after had joined The Looney Tunes Show Wiki. And... there's a big difference. I looked at the history here. This wiki was created in 2008....2008! It looks like it was created only weeks ago. This wiki is very outdated. It could use a locations category or a slider home page. Some of the episodes don't even have plots in them or info boxes. The admin here hasn’t logged on since 2009. This site needs an active admin and users to keep this site running and current. If anyone is out there... I would gladly want to become an admin....all I need is a little time and practice in about two to three weeks if anyone thinks I'm right for the job or even responds back I’ll go to to send an application to become admin.  This site could use one... that and some people to get it organized and get rules established here

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The Loonatics

Another thing this site could use... color and images... some episodes don't have thumbnails or photos. I'll try and look for some. People if your out there please try and do the same.