Hello all of the Loonatics Unleashed Wiki! This is Randommixer here letting you all know that I am now an admin on this site. I would like to thank Majyxs for supporting me when I wanted to adopt the Wiki.

Some updates to the Wiki will be made soon, pages marked for deletion will be deleted and other design changes will be made. I welcome any of you out there to comment on my message wall if you have any questions, concerns or ideas. Or you could just comment below.

I will do my best to support the Loonatics Unleashed Wiki. Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Updates so far:

  • Talk pages are now message walls that allow for easier discussions.
  • The Wiki's theme and logo have now changed.
  • The navigation bar has been updated.
  • Comments on pages are now enabled as well as chat.
  • Pages marked for deletion have been deleted.
  • Unnecessary categories deletion
    • Almost everything has now been put in a proper category.
  • Template additions and updates

Work In Progress:

  • Expansion of episode summaries