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Bryan Lim



First Appearance

Loonatics On Ice


8 - 10


Dragon Fire, Magic Powers


Ace Bunny (Teammate), Lexi Bunny (Teammate), Tech E. Coyote (His Favorite Hero Friend), Rev Runner, Slam Tasmanian, Danger Duck (Rival, Feud & former enemy), Tweetums (Best Friend), Powerpuff Girls (Close Friend, schoolmate)


Ace Bunny, Lexi Bunny, Tech E. Coyote, Rev Runner, teaching good manner with Rev, Sharing Rev with Tech, pop music, rock music, disco music especially R&B Music, entertainments, video games, foods, joining with Slam, teammates with Ace and Lexi, relationship with Tech, Dancing, Singing, fairies, animals talent, puppies, soda pop drink, desserts, karaokes, important mission, Tech being Happy, Roller Coaster (sometimes keep safe), japanese food, sushi, J-pop music, green tea, crazy science experiments, The magic school bus series and games


Danger Duck being rudeness, being nervous with Tech, Horror, clowns messing everywhere, seriously mission, losing teammates, boring, Lazy Sunday, messing my stuff about Danger Duck, eating by Slam, Rev non-stop talking, being dork or idiot, being jealousy , Poker game, root beer, being down, being freak out, Tech's frustration (sometimes, being terrified), being angry, boys or men immature, fooled me with Danger Duck, Roller Coaster (sometimes being perish and don't ride again), country music, being fooled, calling me embarrassment about my panties, being rudeness




Student of Elementary School (Formerly) Member of Loonatics (Currently)


Debi Derryberry

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Spell used of Believix

  1. Fire Arrow
  2. Dragon heart
  3. Fireball (similar of Danger Duck's power)
  4. Dragon Wing
  5. Dragon Fire
  6. Fire magic
  7. Fire Catcher
  8. Sensing flame
  9. Supernova
  10. Flaming Armor
  11. Strength of life (Believix Power)