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Time Skip
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Time Displacement

First Appearance

Time After Time

Real Name

Arthur Chroniker


David Faustino

Arthur "Time Skip" Chroniker is an enemy of the Loonatics. He first appeared in the episode Time After Time and was shown controlling the Trolbot 9000. He began to call himself Time Skip after he was irradiated by his grandfather's time displacer and gained his powers of time manipulation. These powers were removed by his grandfather after his capture.


In the episode Time After Time, Time Skip broke into a military base to steal the Trolbot 9000 saying time and time again that they stole his idea. He was ultimately stopped by the Loonatics.


Dr. Fidel Chroniker

Dr. Fidel Chroniker is Time Skip's grandfather. Dr. Fidel Chroniker tried his best to warn the Loonatics of his grandson, but each time he was ignored by Danger Duck. When they finally listened to him, he helped in the capture of Time Skip. Once Time Skip was captured, Dr. Fidel Chroniker removed Time Skip's time manipulation powers.


  • Chronokinesis - The ability to manipulate time. While the name suggests that this power might have a wider range of applications, Time Skip, having only recently been irradiated by his grandfather's Time Displacer, is still a novice.
    • Time Freeze - Time Skip uses his power of manipulate the flow of time by stopping time for a short duration.


"Let's take a tour of the city, Trolbot!" - Time After Time


Season 1

Season 2


  • Time Skip and the Trollbot would be a predicament and combination for "Chronos" from "Space Jam a new legacy".