The Loonatics Tower

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The Loonatics Tower
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First Appearance

Loonatics on Ice

The Loonatics Tower is a tall building that stands above others in its area. The tower is the main base of operations for the Loonatics. The newly formed team resides on the 134th floor of the large tower. When the Loonatics team was formed all of the members moved into the tower. Since it was Zadavia who formed the team it is assumed that she pays for all of its expenses.

The Tower


The tower is first seen in Loonatics on Ice, and is showed as where the Loonatics meet and plan all of the missions. The tower is shown to have a meeting table, kitchen/dining room, and all of their bedrooms. It also holds Tech’s lab along with all of his inventions. The Interior mainly functions as a regular house. The tower also contains each of members' room as their own room.


The tower has a defense grid which warns of attack. It also has a force field developed by Tech which can protect it (along with other parts of Acmetropolis) from harm. It also has a specialized weapons system that makes use of the Loonatics powers.


  • The tower acts similar like the Titians Tower from Teen Titians 2003.
    • Loonatics Unleashed could also be compared to Teen Titians as far as the team goes.
  • Currently, there's no history on how the tower being built.
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