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These are the rules you are expected to abide by while using this wiki. Rules may be updated as needed at any time.

The length of the ban will depend not only on what rule you have broken, but also on how you behave during the interactions and how often you violated the other words, at the admin's discretion. Tick the admin off, and your ban will be longer.

Misleading an admin

If you are discovered to have outright lied to or intentionally misled an admin about a situation on this wiki, you will be blocked for a maximum of one week, unless the lying was to cover up another rule violation, in which case it may be extended based on what that other rule was. In other words: Time for lying to admin + Time for whatever rule you were trying to cover up breaking = Very long ban



Racism is bad, no matter which race it's directed at. Sexism is bad, no matter which sex it's directed at. I don't care if you think the victim deserved it or whatever, discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sex, gender, disability, etc, is wrong. You will be blocked.


Following a user around on multiple websites to harass them is against the law, as it is considered a form of stalking. If you are being cyberstalked, provide some screenshots as proof and let us know. For more information on cyberstalking, use the following links:

Cyberstalking can lead to PERMANENTLY BEING BANNED and being reported straight to wikia staff.


Due to the habit of internet users to call any form of arguing "bullying" it may sometimes be difficult to tell who is being bullied and who is doing the bullying. Please let us handle it, and bear in mind the "misleading the admin" rule. Admit if you did anything to provoke it, take screenshots, send links, etc. We will do our best to sort out the argument...probably using threats, but hey, whatever works.


I have seen many cyberbullies and rulebreakers try to use disability or whatever to get out of responsibility for their actions. As someone with a mental disability myself, I find this unacceptable, insulting towards people with disabilities and mental illness, and can assure you your block will be extended for up to an extra week for trying to use excuses to get out of responsibility.

Sockpuppet accounts

When you make a new account to continue rule breaking after we blocked your other one, we can tell. Sockpuppet accounts can be banned permanently.

Fan Creations

Fan creation violations are first met with a warning, and if that warning is not heeded, come with a maximum of a one year ban, and a minimum of three days.  Failure to follow warnings concerning fan content will not only result in being blocked, but any content you uploaded will be deleted.

Fan Art and Fan Characters

Fan Art and Fan Characters are ONLY PERMITTED ON BLOGS. You may first receive a warning the first time you violate this rule. Failure to follow the warning will not only result in being blocked, but any content you uploaded will be deleted.

Fan Fiction

This is not an appropriate place for fan fiction. At all. Find another place for your fanfiction.


Pornography violations can result in permanent bans, depending on how graphic the violating materials are. Pornographic and sexual materials will not be tolerated in any capacity. This includes fan art. We do not want images of the Loonatics peeping in on anyone, or getting it on. Any porn that is considered illegal (such as child porn) will be reported to wikia staff's legal department.