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Stop the World, I Want to Get Off
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date November 19, 2005
Written by Christopher Painter
Directed by Curt Walstead
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Loonatics Unleashed Episode 8 Stop the World I Want to Get off

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off is the eighth episode of the first season.


A new villain named Massive uses his ability to control gravity (having the ability to make objects and people lighter-than-air or massively heavy) to commit several robberies all over Acmetropolis. His goal is to use the robberies to make as much money as he possibly can.

Meanwhile, the citizens and the Loonatics are getting ready for the championship game of a futuristic sport known as "Basherball" at the Acmetropolis World Dome. When Massive plots to steal the basherball championship trophy, the Loonatics head to the game to stop Massive's crime spree.

Major Events

  • Massive single-handedly robs the greatest accumulations of wealth in Acmetropolis.
  • Tech invents his Gravity Stabilization Gyro.
  • The Mondo Bowl Basherball Tournament is held at the World Drome.




  • The game basherball is similar to basketball.
  • It had a few Space Jam reference including Massive was similar to one of the Monstars Bang and Pound, who also crash in a basketball game style.
  • Mr Leghorn is familiar to foghorn.


Massive: I am Massive. This is a robbery. So I'd appreciate your full cooperation.
Security guard: Hands up!
Massive: That's not what I call cooperating.

Kid: Hey! That's mine!
Massive: Aw, I'm sorry, but every little bit helps.

Zadavia: Team, we have a problem.
Duck: [groans] Can't it wait 'til halftime?
Zadavia: Now, Duck.

Lexi: A thief? Isn't that beneath us super types?
Ace: Not if it's a super thief. Let's jet!

Ace: Okay, doc, step away from the egg.

Massive: Now for a hero sandwich.

Massive: Can't you see the cost of being heroes is rising?

Massive: There's massive amounts of quasarlinium and massive amounts of me.

Duck: Hey, what's with the roast duck? I'm one of the good guys!

Ace: Yo, mean and green! Didn't your mother ever tell you that money can't buy you happiness?
Massive: She did. That's why I'm stealing it!

Duck: Oh yeah! The duck has landed.

Lexi: Score one for the home team!

Lexi: Did you get him, Duck?
Duck: That would be a 'no'.

Ace: Are you okay, Tech?
Tech: Define 'okay'.

Duck: Okay, it's official. I'm gonna be sick.

Tech: Well, I, that is... here, have a straw, on the house!

Duck: What's the matter, don't like Chili Gurt, beans and all that delicious gurt? Of course, it makes you pack on the pounds, that's why you'll never see me-
Massive: Oh, you want to be lighter? Fine!


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