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First Appearance

Loonatics on Ice


Tasmanian Devil


Kevin Michael Richardson

Former Occupation

Pro Wrestler


Foods, Working in the GYM, Wrestling, Being champion, sports, Pizza, smash things, Danger Duck, Snowboarding


Danger Duck being childish, being disrespectful, forgetful, no champion

Slam Tasmanian is the tetartagonist of Loonatics Unleashed. He is the group's muscle-bound heavyweight and wears a black and purple uniform, his eyes are red and are originally black before his heroic union. Slam is most likely the Tasmanian She-Devil.


Before gaining his powers, Slam was a professional wrestler named the Twisted Spinner (The Terror From Somewhere).


The speech Slam uses sounds like simple grunting of English, but is implied to be dialogue the audience is not meant to understand. The other Loonatics will sometimes mention what Slam said, effectively translating anything important. In the second season, while still not fluent in the language, he speaks better English.


While Slam is generally brawns over brains, he does show great intelligence when it comes to battle strategies, as seen in I Am Slamacus when he figures out not only how to defeat Gorlop , but how to use Gorlop's abilities to escape.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength - This skill was inherited by Slam's ancestors.
  • Enhanced Durability- Slam appears able to withstand significant blunt force trauma without injury.
  • Tornado Maximizer - Slam has the ability to spin into a tornado form, although it is more powerful. He is also capable of launching tornadoes from his arms. He can manipulate his spin to perform different functions (ex. Suction mode).
  • Thunder Mode - The ability to launch small (electric) tornadoes from his arms (according to the opening credits, he can use these powers at a "spin level" of "8447.8". If the spin level is assumed to be based off of rotations per second then he would be spinning at over MACH 7), as well as spinning into a near-unstoppable electrical hurricane. He has also generated flame through friction.


 Season 1

Season 2


  • In the original trailer, Slam's name was Spaz.
  • There are some moments where if listened closely enough, actual words can be heard among his grunts. Sometimes a sentence can even be heard.