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The second season had a reimagined theme song sequence that was designed to play up the links to the original shorts. Both with the rippling background and showing the Loonatics fighting versions of the descendants of the rest of the cast.

The vocals and lyrics were by American musician, and singer-songwriter William Earl "Bootsy" Collins who recorded music for Loonatics Unleashed as well as voiced the character Bootes Belinda in the episode The Music Villain.


Rock and zap

Loonatics, let’s jet!

Rev, Lexi, and Tech…

Slam and Duck

(Rock and zap, let’s jet)

Ace is cool

And leads the pack

And his sword

Brings a pack


When big bad bots

Smash and attack

Lexi’s brain blast

Makes them crack

Quacking in…

Quacking out…

Duck will make invaders shout!



Magnetic powers gravitate

(Rock and zap, let’s jet)

Bam, Slam!


Tornado zing zing man!

(Rock and zap, let’s jet)

Supersonic Rev

Heats it up at the speed of light

(Rock and zap, let’s jet)

Whoo! Powers to protect and serve

Always will be here, got some nerve

Never twist and never swerve

Loonatics Unleashed!


  • The rippling intro is a reference to the intro of Looney Tunes shorts.



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