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First Apperance

The World is My Circus


Tim Curry

The Ringmaster, along with Otto the Odd, is the owner of a galactic circus with mutated animals called Galactic Oddities.


The "oddities" were made from the genetic code of animals on the zoological spectrum, children and, seemingly, anyone else they could get their hands on. The plan was to lure the Loonatics so they would be turned into monstrous hybrids with their unique genetic code.

However, Tech's Gluco-Gel 9000 destroyed the DNA Scrambler, halting the process in between. Otto transformed Ringmaster into hybrid as a final offense in desperation. The Loonatics were able to turn Ringmaster back to normal by creating a sonic boom, then caught him and Otto and sent them to prison.


Otto the Odd

Otto the Odd is the Ringmaster's partner in crime. The Ringmaster and him genetically mutated people and animals for their galactic circus. Both of them were defeated by the Loonatics and sent to prison.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Despite the ringmaster similar to Mr swackhammer from Space Jam both are aliens both are in charge of their main attractions either circus or theme park , both have purple clothing, both have children like hybrid monsters as their slaves and both attempt to use the main Looney Tunes Heroes as their new attractions. It reveals that Otto is the true antagonist.