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Planet Freleng
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First Appearance

Acmegeddon Part II (flashback)

Planet Freleng is a planet located somewhere in space that is ruled by Zadavia and Optimatus.


Zadavia and Optimatus were born into the royal family, but Optimatus had different plans to use his governmental power. Which nobody found out until the day he announced a council of Freleng that he wanted them to help him take over the universe. When the council refused to back him, his robotic minions took them hostage and Optimatus installed himself as dictator of Freleng. Fearing his pacifistic sister would plot against him, he tried to capture her too, but she easily fought off his robots and slightly less easily Optimatus himself. Ultimately she fled Freleng in a spaceship. Optimatus was caught in the thrust as the ship blasted off, explaining his mildly mangled features. Zadavia then fled to Acmetropolis.

In Secrets of the Guardian Strike Sword, we learn that Ace’s sword is actually a relic of Freleng. In the same episode we learn of General Deuce. Back on Freleng, Deuce was one of her “most powerful generals,” but when she refused to “place all of Freleng under his command”, he left. Deuce later returned at Acmetropolis looking for the “royal intergalactic quasar train” The last ship to leave during “the fall of Freleng.” The train was laden with cargo “that could make a man king.” After the train was disconnected by Ace, Deuce disappeared into the wormhole created by the train with the engine.

Later in The Fall of Blanc, Part I, Rupes Oberon and Optimatus locate Deuce and the three Frelengians invade Planet Blanc in an attempt to use Blanc's wormhole technology to conquer the universe after freeing him from the wormhole. He had General Deuce steal Rupes Oberon's Cosmic Guitar and sent him to awaken his robot army again. After this, Deuce betrays Optimatus and keeps Tweetums' scepter (which was obtained by holding Tweetums hostage with a blaster) along with Optimatus' sword to himself (Zadavia had retrieved the Guitar while being held prisoner), which results in Optimatus joining the Loonatics fight against Deuce. When Deuce retrieves the scepter, and an amulet which makes the scepter work (Danger Duck has this) he makes his way to the center of Blanc, with Ace hot in his trail. They both have a sword duel, which results in Ace tricking Deuce into a Wormhole blast where he is sent to an unknown location. Optimatus now reformed, leaves with his sister to rule Planet Freleng together.


  • Planet Freleng is named after Friz Freleng who animated the Looney Tunes cartoons