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Planet Blanc
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First Appearance

The Heir Up There

Planet Blanc is said to be at the center of the universe, and that every point in the universe can be instantly traveled to with ease from it. It's located in the Merrie Melody galaxy. Planet Blanc is ruled by The Royal Tweetums.


In The Heir Up There, after an attack on HQ by Sylth Vester, Zadavia later appears and tells the Loonatics that they have to transport Tweetums, the heir to the throne, to his home planet of Blanc to end a war. On the way to Blanc, Ace and the others suffer an attack that shouldn't have happened due to an encrypted flight plan. On Blanc, Ace meets Queen Gannicus, the current ruler of Blanc who tells them all to drop their weapons with a voice changer. Using the same voice that was talking with Sylth Vester. Sylth Vester then appears, bandaged in a weaponized wheel chair. Gannicus then tells them all that she wants the planet Blanc for herself and that Tweetums return would take the throne from her.

Then she tells Sylth Vester to attack the Loonatics. He blasts and shoots them but then it is revealed they are only holograms. Ace then uses the Guardian Strike Sword to capture the two and explains he knew because of Duck's meddling. He tells them that Tech monitored Sylth Vester while he was talking to Duck. What he found showed that he was talking to Grannicus. Tweetums is safely returned to Blanc and Duck is then knighted by Tweetums and is forced to sing and give him a bath.

In The Fall of Blanc, Part I and The Search of Tweetums, Part II, Now that Optimatus is free, he alongside General Deuce and Rupes Oberon plan to use Planet Blanc's wormhole generator to take over the universe. The Royal Tweetums contacts the Loonatics for help. Tweetums evaded capture long enough for the Loonatics to get to the planet and provide help. In addition to the Loonatics help Sylth Vester also lends a hand. After receiving a message containing clues on Tweetums' whereabouts, the Loonatics and Sylth Vester seek out where Tweetums is. Meanwhile, General Deuce and Optimatus begin their plans to conquer the universe. However, Deuce betrays Optimatus, who joins up with Zadavia and the Loonatics. During the final battle between Deuce and Ace, Ace banishes him to another universe. In the end, the Loonatics realize they have graduated from merely protecting Acmetropolis, and are now protectors of the entire universe. The team decides to relocate their headquarters to Planet Blanc, which will allow them to instantly reach any troubled spot anywhere in space.


  • Planet Blanc is named after Mel Blanc who voiced acted many of the Looney Tunes Characters