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Max Arena
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First Appearance

I Am Slamacus

Pierre Le Pew’s traveling arena, which he calls the Max Arena,  is a world famous illegal fighting arena. It is "everywhere, and nowhere" constantly moving to avoid any unwanted guests (i.e. the Police and such) from finding it. In the last match for a competition in the arena, the remaining two competitors compete in a caged death match.


The arena first appeared in "I Am Slamacus". Pierre Le Pew, after seeing Slam in action, Pierre Le Pew convinces Slam to become a champion fighter in his private tournament. He however, does fail to tell him that his last match will be to the death. Slam is forced to fight against Gorlop, in the caged death match. It isn’t until the Loonatics arrived to help Slam stop Gorlop that Slam finished the match. Leaving both parties unharmed. The Loonatics later put Pierre in prison and presumably shut down his arena. 

The aren seems to also contain a training facility.


  • At times in scenes the arena is missing one of the globes that hangs on its corners.
  • Despite the arena containing gruesome death matches, children are seen in the stands cheering on the fight.