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First Apperance

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off

Voice Actor

the late Michael Clarke Duncan, Kevin Michael Richardson (in The Hunter)

Massive is a very large criminal who can control gravity and has a tough body structure that even lasers cannot penetrate. He commits robberies simply to make himself rich and seemingly has a compulsion for this behavior. He is also not shy about this, telling everyone his name right before he robs them.

The only limit to his powers is a kind of conservation of energy, meaning making something heavier means making something else lighter, and vice versa, although this isn't always demonstrated.


Having the ability to control gravity, Massive uses it to his advantage to steal money from Acmetropolis to gain as much money as he can. While the Loonatics and the citizens prepare for the championship game of Basherball, Massive attempts to steal the championship trophy. The Loonatics then defeat Massive and send him to prison. He worked alongside Drake Sypher, Weather Vane, and Mallory Mastermind to aid Optimatus in his attempt to defeat the Loonatics in the two-part finale "Acmegeddon" in season one. However, when it was revealed that Optimatus actually wanted to destroy Acmetropolis, Massive and the other villains tried and failed to stop him. He and Optimatus engaged in a wrestling match and were seemingly evenly matched until Weather Vane aided Massive, however Optimatus was able to defeat them both with a burst of power. Massive was last seen at the end of "A Creep in the Deep" as one of the imprisoned super villains. A robot in the form of Massive was used by Otto the Odd to capture people for him to freeze for his collection.


  • Gravikinesis - Massive has the ability to control and manipulate the gravity of others.
    • Weight Manipulation - He can also manipulate the weight and motion of objects and people, slam to the ground or make them light as feather.
    • Levitation - With the power of gravity, he is able to levitate himself.
  • Enhanced Durability - His body structure is so hard that even lasers can't penetrate through him. This, plus his ability to manipulate gravity, makes Massive a difficult foe to defeat.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Massive may not be a descendant but his personality and appearance is familiar to one of the "Monstars" from Space Jam, including Bang and Pound.