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The series was loosely based on the Looney Tunes cartoon characters, with the series described by Warner Bros. as an "action-comedy." Loonatics Unleashed is meant to be a mixture of the Looney Tunes shorts' irreverent style of humor and a modern action animated series. It is the first ever Looney Tunes cartoon series not to follow the style of the original shorts.

Loonatics Unleashed takes place in the year 2772 (the late 28th century). During that time a meteor struck the fictional city-planet of Acmetropolis knocking it off of its original axis. However, rather than destroying the planet, the impact of the meteor sends out shock waves that gives off supernatural cosmic energies that give some inhabitants superpowers while incapacitating others in its wake. A beautiful, mysterious and powerful woman called Zadavia calls upon six of the affected residents that live in Acmetropolis and forms a team of superheroes. She becomes their supervisor, dispatching them for the purpose of combating any and all threats to Acmetropolis and its citizens. The newly formed team is known as the Loonatics. These characters are the descendants of the classic Looney Tunes characters, according to multiple press releases and official sources.


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