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Drake Sypher (often shortened to Sypher) is an enemy of the Loonatics and one of the most dangerous super villains in Acmetropolis. He has the ability to absorb abilities from any individual he touches. The disadvantage is if he's touched again by the same individual that their powers will come back.


Sypher was on the Acmetropolis basherball team and stole the abilities of head player, Trick Dayley, to gain spotlight. He stole the Loonatics' powers for personal glory, resulting in them using exo-suits to take back their powers and defeat him.

Sypher worked alongside with Massive, Weather Vane, and Mastermind, aiding Optimatus in his attempt of defeating the Loonatics in the two-part season one finale, "Acmegeddon". Naturally, the other villains didn't trust him, when Optimatus revealed he was going to destroy Acmetropolis, Sypher and the other villains tried and failed to stop him, and were returned to Acmetropolis to await its destruction.

When the disaster was averted the villains reasoned the Loonatics had sacrificed themselves to stop Optimatus's plan and prepared to divide up the planet amongst themselves. They proved to be mistaken when the Loonatics appeared and rushed into battle with the villains, whereupon the episode cut out. Presumably Sypher was captured and returned to prison.


Drake Sypher is a selfish glory hound only interested in himself who would sell his own mother for the spotlight. He is also power hungry, desperate to keep his stolen abilities, and stated he hated being powerless like those he had absorbed from.


  • Power Transfer - Sypher has the ability to absorb a specific quality from any person or animal. However, it seems to have to be an intrinsic quality such as a super-power or an animal's natural speed or strength, not a learned skill. The transfer is reversed if one of his victims touches him again.


Season 1


  • Drake Sypher can be seen in the first season's opening sequence, but he is wearing a blue costume instead.
  • In both his debut episode and the first part of "Acmegeddon", Duck showed advantage over Sypher until he is touched.
  • He may not be a descendant, but his ability to steal anybody's talent is similar to when the Nerdlucks stole the talents of the NBA players in Space Jam, which featured the Looney Tunes characters.
  • Sypher also predicts a Goon squad member name "Chronos" from Space jam A New legacy.
    • both have gold/yellow appearance.
    • both have speeding powers to outwit the main roadrunners (despite sypher only absorbs rev powers while chronos was program to be more faster then roadrunner.)