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Dr. Dare



First Appearance

Going Underground

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Cape Duck


Ace Bunny
Lexi Bunny
Danger Duck
Slam Tasmanian
Tech E. Coyote
Rev Runner

Voice Actor

Simon Templeman


Rock manipulation

Dr. Thaddeus Dare is a mad scientist who devised a means of controlling Earth's geology through earthquakes and other subterranean events. He can also create rock monsters, effectively meaning his total powers combined could be considered a form of geokinesis.


When the meteor hit Acmetropolis, Dr. Dare was horribly disfigured, by way of his left arm and part of his face becoming rock, and his experiments grew more reckless, forcing the world to send him underground - literally. He performed all of these feats with a staff which could also turn his enemies into stone, which was later revealed to be powered by the Jade Serpent Stone, an ancient gemstone with a unique atomic structure, containing untold energy. His ultimate intention was world domination by taking everything that was up top to go below the Earth's crust so he would live in peace on the surface.

He fired a petrifying beam at the Loonatics which was deflected back at him. His statue-form remains in Acmetropolis Park until Tech's Atomic Phase Departiculator freed him during battle with Sagittarius Stomper. He created new rock robots and steals the Shield of Perseus and altered it so that it had a Gorgon's face and the ability to fire petrifying beams from the eyes on that face, a reference to what would occur if someone were to look into a gorgon's eyes.

When he escaped in "Cape Duck", the Loonatics thwarted him again and he ended up with the same petrification fate as before when he landed on the Shield of Perseus.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Dr Dare may not be a descendant but he is familiar to "Mr chairman" from "Looney Tunes back in action" .
    • Both wear glasses and both are geniuses .
    • Both attempt to use ancient jewels or crystals to curse on people into something unnatural which can either be stones of "the Jade Serpent" or simians of "the Blue monkey".
    • Both being defeated and cursed at the end by the main jewel.