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The main characters of the Loonatics Unleashed series. These characters are the descendants of the classic Looney Tunes characters, according to multiple press releases and official sources. Descendants of other Looney Tunes are unverified.


Ace Bunny - Team leader

Lexi Bunny - Second-in command

Danger Duck - Powerhouse

Slam Tasmanian - Brute force

Tech E. Coyote - Technician

Rev Runner - Speed


Zadavia - the Loonatics' boss

Dr. Fidel Chroniker - Time Displacer creator

Royal Tweetums - Prince of Planet Blanc

Colonel Trench -  Acmetropolis Weapons Laboratory commander


Adolpho - Telepathic dolphin

Arthur "Time Skip" Chroniker - Time control

Black Velvet - Shadow zone

Boötes Belinda - Evil musician

Dr. Thaddeus Dare - Scientist

Drake Sypher - Superpower transfer

Electro J. Fudd - Master hunter

General Deuce - Remorseless assassin

Gunnar the Conqueror - Robot viking leader

Mallory "Mastermind" Casey - Diabolical genius

Massive - Gravity manipulation

Melvin the Martian - Evil alien

Mutant Techno-Vikings - Minions

Ophiuchus Sam - Thief

Optimatus - Loonatics' main enemy

Otto the Odd - Criminal collector

Pierre Le Pew - Illegal wrestling arena chief

Pinkster Pig - Criminal mastermind

Professor Zane - Evil professor

Queen Athena - Queen of the Apocazons

Queen Grannicus - Monarchy hijacker

Ringmaster - Species and gene manipulation

Rupes Oberon - Universal criminal

Sagittarius Stomper - Strong criminal

Sergeant Sirius - Melvin the Martian's dog

Shadowborgs - Minions

Stoney and Bugsy - Criminals

Sylth Vester - Enemy of Tweetums

Weather Vane - Weather manipulation


Misty Breeze - Acmetropolis weather girl

Rip Runner - Rev Runner's younger brother

Harriet "Ma" Runner - Rev and Rip's mother, Ralph's wife

Ralph "Pa" Runner - Rev and Rip's father, Harriet's husband