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Basherball is a sport where the plays take place off the ground in flying vehicles. There is only one ball in play at all times and only ten players on the field, five from each team. The players are allowed to perform violent checks on each other, from throwing full-on punches at other riders to sideswiping other vehicles. The ball is caught, and can be lost, through a port built into the front of the vehicles and is fired through a pivoting cannon placed behind the players' driving shoulders. The goals consist of spinning rings through which the basherball players must successfully shoot the ball. There exist three goals: one spinning ring at the end of both halves of the field, and a third at the top-dead-center of the field, a spinning double-ring, just below the scoreboard. The basherball players can only score through the middle goal if they are on the opposing team's half of the field.

The Acmetropolis Rangers

The Rangers are the home team of Acmetropolis. The team consists of number 08, Trick Daley, number 04, the Mauler, and several other teammates, though their names are unknown. Drake Sypher was briefly the number 12 player of the Rangers before he was exposed as a fraud. His position as a backup player was mostly likely gained using his power-leeching abilities as well. Ace Bunny and Rev Runner are huge fans of this team.

Trick Daley

Trick Daley is the star player of the Acmetropolis Rangers.

Chris "The Mauler" Kaye

The Larachian Manglers

The Larachian Manglers are a basherball team of aliens originating from the planet of Larachia, located in the Larachian Galaxy.

Magma Cassius

Magma Cassius is the number 8 player for the Larachian Manglers and possibly the star player, much like Trick Daley is for the Rangers.

The Razeroids

The Razeroids are a basherball team comprised entirely of robots. It is unknown where they originated, though they may have hailed from a planet filled with robots.

Razer Renaldo

Razer Renaldo is the only player of the Razeroids whose name was spoken, his number being some sort of alien marking of three dots followed by a diagonal line. His surname is similar to the Brazilian soccer player, Ronaldo Nazario.



  • The sport is somewhat similar to Quidditch, a dangerous sport played by witches and wizards using broomsticks, featured in the Harry Potter series. It is also similar to basketball, only to utilize vehicles rather than humans themselves.
  • Basherball is a pun for basketball especially while it's based on Space Jam ,about a former NBA player and the Looney Tunes facing some aliens from outer space.