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Looney Tunes Wiki

Looney Tunes Wiki



The Looney Tunes Wiki is a wiki for everything related to the Looney Tunes franchise. a Warner Bros. Looney Tunes was produced from 1930 to 1969 during the Golden age of American animation, alongside its sister series, Merrie Melodies. Looney Tunes films featured characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, or Elmer Fudd. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies were some the most popular cartoon shorts in movie theaters, exceeding Disney and other popular competitors. Since its success during the short film era of cartoons, Looney Tunes has become a worldwide media franchise; spawning several television series, feature films, comic books, music albums, video games and amusement park rides. Many of the characters have made and continue to make cameo appearances in various other television shows, films and advertisements. The most popular Looney Tunes character, Bugs Bunny, is regarded as a cultural icon and has his own walk-of-fame. Several Looney Tunes films are regarded as some of the greatest animated cartoons of all time.

The Looney Tunes Wiki focuses on the characters, shorts, spin offs and every person that helped it all happen. It has been the ultimate source for all things "looney-tuney" since January 2006!

The Looney Tunes Wiki has an extensive number of policies that are similar to this wiki. Please follow them.

Space Jam Wiki

Space Jam Wiki


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The Space Jam Wiki is a wiki for everything related to the 1996 Warner Bros. movie, Space Jam. Basketball legend Michael Jordan stars as himself, a retired sports hero trying his hand at baseball and failing miserably. Meanwhile, the Looney Tunes gang, led by Bugs Bunny, are kidnapped by aliens called the Nerdlucks. It seems that the Nerdlucks' theme park, Moron Mountain (a barely-veiled dig at Disney) is failing to attract customers.

The space invaders are convinced that the appearance of Bugs and his pals will beef up business. Bugs makes his captors a deal -- they'll play a game of basketball for their freedom. When the Nerdlucks stack the deck by stealing the talent of NBA superstars Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing, the Warner Bros. heroes enlist the aid of Jordan, who returns to the court to help the classic characters.

The film was produced by Ivan Reitman, and directed by Joe Pytka, with Tony Cervone and Bruce W. Smith directing the animation.

The film is based off the Michael Jordan Bugs Bunny Commercials. A series of commercials and advertisements that combined live-action and animation. These commercials/advertisements were made for Nike and MCI.

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