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First Appearance

A Creep in the Deep


Ace Bunny
Lexi Bunny
Danger Duck
Slam Tasmanian
Tech E. Coyote
Rev Runner

Voice Actor

Mark Hamill

Adolpho is a mutated dolphin who plans revenge on the world for polluting oceans and putting dolphins in aquarium theme parks.


Pollution mutated regular dolphins with the abilities to change into dolphin monsters with armored backs. Adolpho and his dolphins can manipulate wild dolphins and whales to create whirlpools to sink ships, oil rigs, oceanography stations, light houses, small islands, and other things at sea. His henchmen captured Ace duringthe Loonatics' aquatic recon and trapped Ace in the tentacles of a giant jellyfish.

While Lexi and Duck go to rescue Ace, Tech, Slam, and Rev see a whirlpool sinking Acmetropolis. Tech and Rev figure out what needs to be done. After breaking the mind control on the whales and dolphins and defeating Adolpho, the Loonatics put him in an aquarium in Acmetropolis Prison, along with other villains.


  • Adolpho's name could have been based on Adolf Hitler and the WWII era cartoons that featured him.
    • If so then there are echoes of Hitler about him: his mutant dolphin henchmen are his, his manipulative abilities (like those of Hitler) and his destructive methods.
  • Since Adolpho voice actor was Mark Hamill he seems to be familiar to "The Joker" .
    • Both have purple appearances.
    • Both have the familiar infamous laughter.
    • Both scheme for fishes .


Season 2