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Optical Enhancement
Laser Vision
Guardian Strike Sword


Lexi Bunny
Danger Duck
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Tech E. Coyote

First Appearance

Loonatics on Ice

Voiced By

Charlie Schlatter

Former Occupation

Stunt Double


Lexi Bunny, Danger Duck, Guardian Sword, Helping plans with Danger and Lexi, Partners, Action heroes, Kung fu fighting, stunt rabbit, best friends, playing video games, swimming, Adventuring, having reveal


Losing, Deuce, being hurt


Leader and Hero

Ace Bunny is a main character of Loonatics Unleashed. He is the leader of the Loonatics. He is adroit, quick-witted, and loyal to his friends and teammates.

Ace's weapon of choice is the Guardian Strike Sword, a collapsible sword revealed in the second season to be a Frelengian energy weapon. Other than the powers granted by the meteor strike, he is also an adept martial artist.

Ace has uniform have yellow accents.


Not much is known about Ace’s life before the 2772 meteor strike. In “The Comet Cometh”, Ace was shown as a stunt double for films before the meteor’s impact on Acmetropolis.

Despite Ace’s comments that he could aspire to be more than a stunt double, the director of the film saw him as nothing more and made him do his job taking hits for the actor. Once the meteor struck that gave the Ace his powers, Zadavia formed the Loonatics and Ace became the team’s leader.

It is assumed that at some point Zadavia gave Ace the sword he has now. Zadavia explains to Ace in “Secrets of the Guardian Strike Sword” that his sword is a relic of her home planet, Freleng, and had once belonged to one of the greatest warriors on it.

When Deuce, a former general of Freleng who once attempted to steal Ace’s sword along with the royal intergalactic quasar train (a train that left during Freleng’s fall containing a robotic army) attacked Planet Blanc in hopes to rule the universe, Ace was forced to stop him.

During the final battle between Deuce and Ace, Ace banished Deuce to another universe, saving Planet Blanc. The team then decides to relocate their headquarters to Planet Blanc, which will allow them to instantly reach any troubled location in the universe.


Ace is cool, calm, and collected most of the time. He meditates to maintain any temper that may arise. He is a bit of a trickster and likes to poke fun at both friends and enemies alike.

Ace is very concerned with his friends safety, and would choose their safety over that of Acmetropolis. It’s hinted that Ace may have a bit of a sweet tooth. In “Secrets of the Guardian Strike Sword”, Ace was indecisive when choosing an ice cream flavor, eventually deciding to get all of them.


Danger Duck

Ace and Duck don’t always see eye-to-eye. Despite Ace being the leader of the Loonatics, Duck desires to become the leader someday. At times, Duck will try to lead the group and give orders while Ace is in command, much to the annoyance of Ace and the others in the group.

Duck has, however, contributed good ideas as seen in “Sypher” and has on more than one occasion actually lead the team. Despite their differences, the two do respect each other in varying degrees at certain times.

They emulate the same best friend/brother relationship.

Lexi Bunny

Ace is often concerned the most about Lexi, and spends the most time with her out of all the Loonatics. In “It Came From Outer Space”, Ace became somewhat distressed after learning Lexi was about to leave with Melvin the Martian forever to protect Acmetropolis. Prior to her leaving, he proposed attacking Melvin to keep Lexi on the planet despite knowing what Melvin could do to Acmetropolis.

He is also seen comforting or reassuring Lexi as seen in “Time After Time” or “The Family Business”.


Ace's boss who always follow her instructions and looks after when she's in trouble right after Lexi.

Tech E Coyote

Powers and Abilities

  • Peak Human Agility - Ace abilities have been pushed to the very limit of human capability.
  • Laser Vision - Ace can shoot laser blasts from his eyes.
  • Optical Enhancement - Infrared laser vision.
  • Martial Arts - As seen in his battle against Deuce, Ace is a highly skilled fighter.


  • Guardian Strike Sword - Ace's collapsible sword. In the second season, it's discovered to also have the ability to emit energy blasts and absorb the energy.


  • "Let's Jet!"
  • "In a sec, Lex!"
  • "What's up Doc?"- Various episodes
  • "Wow, he really needs to get out more!"
  • "Guardian Strike Sword! Defend!"
  • "These clowns won't quit!"
  • "Who are you callin' nothin'?"


He wears a black bodysuit with yellow schemes, he has large rabbit ears, sonic blue eyes, and a spikey hair.

Season 1

Season 2


  • In pre-production, Ace Bunny was originally named Buzz Bunny.
  • His characteristic phrase is "What's up Doc?"
  • He maintains a friendship-rivalry relationship with Duck, due to the envy he has for being the team leader.
  • He often makes mocking comments about his enemies, even during battles.
  • Bugs Bunny is briefly turned into Ace during a segment in New Looney Tunes (formerly Wabbit:A Looney Tunes Production) entitled "One Carroter in Search of an Artist".
  • Ace's guardian strike sword is similar from"Looney Tunes back in action". When Bugs Bunny uses his"Carrot saber" to battle Marvin